IR Object Detection Sensor

IR Object Detection Sensor


Function: Detect locker is empty or occupied; supply light when locker is open

Material: PCB (Printed Circuit Board)+cold rolled plate

Surface treatment: Painting

Dimension of metal shell: L402*W18*H18mm

Dimension of chip: L300*W13*H12mm

Weight: 290g/pair

Dimension of protect shell: L160*W90*H35mm

Detector quantity: 4 detectors
Detector spacing: 90mm

Maximumdetecting distance: 450mm

Connector model: SM2.54 4P; SM2.54 2P
Working voltage: 12V~24V

Working current: 100mA

Power consumption: 1.2W

Lighting power consumption: 2.4W

Reaction time: Less than 500ms

Working temperature: -25℃ ~ +65℃

Working humidity: 5% ~ 95%RH

Working life: 500,000 times

Certification: CE; FCC; RoHS

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